Martin Miller, Paul Gilbert,Nico Schliemann: YYZ (Rush Cover) - Live in Studio

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Rush's classic instrumental "YYZ" (Mercury) covered live by the Martin Miller Session Band and very special guest Paul Gilbert.

All Martin Miller Session Band live sessions are recorded at Weltklang Tonstudio in Plauen, Germany and are created with the support of the community. We do not monetize these videos, all ads are placed by Youtube, therefor we need your help! Please consider becoming a Patreon for this project if you love what we do, it will ensure that we can release Session Band videos on a regular basis, increase the production value and bring on many more amazing guests. Find out more on:


Martin Miller - Guitar
Paul Gilbert - Guitar
Marius Leicht - Keyboards
Benni Jud - Bass
Felix Lehrmann - Drums
Nico Schliemann - Human Capo

Johannes Plank - Director & Camera
Torsten Solberg - Recording Engineer
Andre Gorjatschow, Manuel Renner, Martina Blazeska, Daniel Espitia - Cameras
Ulrich Wichmann - Camera Assistant

Audio Mix & Video Edit - Martin Miller

Special thanks to Klotz cables for providing the entire session with cables and Universal Audio for providing Paul the UA Ox!

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