Anup Sastry, Jason Kui: The Creater/The Destroyer

Watch in HD!!! This is a video for a song by my good friend, Jason Kui, titled 'The Creator/The Destroyer'. It's off of his most recent release titled 'Naka'.

Jason and I go back a few years now, and we've become very good friends. I recorded/performed on his first release titled 'Absence of Words', and he provided me with the opportunity to play on this record as well (five songs). Along with performing/recording for 'Naka', Jason also asked me to mix and master the entire record, which has probably been the most eclectic and diverse project I've worked on to date. So I really can't thank him enough for trusting me with his music over the past few years.

Below are some links to where you can check out more of Jason's music:

I want to also give a huge thank you to Tama for sending me the new kit I'm using in this video. Tama has been an absolutely amazing company to work with, and I can't thank them enough for their continued support. This new kit is a Starclassic Walnut/Birch in Lacquer Arctic Blue Oyster. The walnut wood is a great substitute for bubinga. Although it doesn't have as much bottom end as bubinga (in my opinion), it still brings a bit of low end to the table while also balancing a bit of mid range in the mix. The birch is perfect because it provides the attack and clarity in the drum. So overall, I think its a great combination that's very well balanced and different. I've only ever tried the UV2's on this kit being that I just got it very recently. So I'm curious to see how other head combinations will sound on the kit. On that note, the UV2's have become my new go-to for tom batters. They're insanely durable, and they sound amazing.

Here's what I'm using in this video:

Tama Starclassic Walnut Birch in Lacquer Arctic Blue Oyster

10" x 6.5" Rack Tom
12" x 7" Rack Tom
14" x 12" Floor Tom (Left)
16" x 14" Floor Tom (Right)
18" x 16" Floor Tom (Right)
22" x 16" Kick Drum
14" x 6" Starclassic Maple Snare

Meinl Cymbals (from left to right):

- 18" Classics Custom Trash Crash
- 8" Byzance Traditional Splash
- 15" Pure Alloy Hi- Hats
- 18" Classics Custom Dark Crash
- 8" Benny Greb Signature Crasher Hats
- 20" Pure Alloy Ride
- 18" Byzance Traditional Medium Crash
- 16" Mb10 Medium Crash and 18" Byzance Traditional China (Stack)
- 18" Classics Custom Extreme Metal China

Evans Drumheads:

- Heavyweight Snare Batter
- 300 Snare Side
- UV2 Tom Batter
- G1 Clear Tom Resonant
- EQ4 Frosted Kick Batter

Sticks: Anup Sastry Tama Signature Sticks

Pedals: Trick Pro 1-V Big Foot Pedals

Shoes: Vratim Drum Shoes


- AKG 414 for overheads
- Shure Beta 57 for snare top
- Shure SM 57 for snare bottom
- Sennheiser MD 421 for toms
- Shure Beta 91 A for kick in
- Stam Audio FET 47 for kick out
- AKG D12 VR for kick out
- Shure 98 D/S for ride and stack
- Shure SM 81 for hi hats
- Shure SM 81 for china
- Warm Audio 87's for room close
- Sterling Audio Heiserman 47's for room far

- BAE 1073's for overheads and room close
- API 3124's for room far
- API 3124's for cymbal close mic's
- Precision 8 for room middle
- Prodigy Engineering for all drums

Anup Sastry, Jason Kui: The Creater/The Destroyer