Kris Xenopoulos: Best Of NAMM Performances | ft Sanjay Kumar | Vulvodynia + Technopath

This is a video with the best parts of my NAMM 2020 performances at the Ormsby guitars Booth in Anaheim California in January. Where I play some Technopath, Vulvodynia and jam a song with my boi Sanjay Kumar!


@Technopathband @KrisXen @VulvodyniaSlam


Endorsed by:

Horizon Devices
Ormsby Guitars
Ernie Ball
Swiss Picks

Songs played:

Sleep Walker - Technopath
Nyaope - Vulvodynia
Echoes Of The Motherland - Vulvodynia

Sleep Walker Filmed By: Nikko Deluna

Kris Xenopoulos | Best Of NAMM Perfomances | ft Sanjay Kumar | Vulvodynia + Technopath