Josh Smith: Ray Blues (Improvised Major Blues Solo)

It starts with “Nola”, where he delivers an on the spot lesson in phrasing with vibrato, chicken-picked licks and chord tone soloing filled with tension/resolution. Next up is “Ray Blues”, where Josh uses bends and string-skipping to transform an upbeat track into something that would sit perfectly in a cult Tarantino scene. To finish Josh slides, double stops and hammers on the way through the fantastically named “Wang Dang”.

Whether you learn these solos in full or simply lift licks for inspiration, there is all manner of creative and technical lessons to give you new ideas for your own playing. And with country, soul and surf-inspired Americana squeezed into these major blues solos, there is something for every player.

While learning these tracks you’ll be using classic minor pentatonics, blues scales, arpeggios, Mixolydian scales, diminished ideas, and a whole host of classic Josh Smith melodic and harmonic idioms that make his playing so soulful, spicy and engaging to watch.

The release includes full tab/notation along with backings. Also includes video/audio files for each solo with helpful track notes.

Plug-in that guitar and get jiving with Josh Smith as he shows you how to get into the core of what makes the best blues solos so iconic. It’s time to start jamming!

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Josh Smith - Ray Blues (Improvised Major Blues Solo)