Stéphan Forté: SOLO game / Solo #4

And here we go again! This week's a very easy one (I even kept the riff before so you can guess even faster ;) ) So the first one to say the name of the song AND the name of the album, wins a 15 minutes Mini Skype guitar lesson (or a 15 mins video chat if you're not a musician haha) As usual, If you aren't quick enough, like last week, I (Actually Drago, my Husky baby dog ;) will do a picking up of the winner tomorrow on my Instagram page:
I'm really happy that you guys enjoy this little game, thanks so much for being so enthusiastic each week! Every mini Skype sessions have been great, it's so cool to meet some of you and help with your guitar problems!

So who will be the fastest one today? ;) GO!
Stéphan Forté

The Stéphan's SOLO game / Solo #4