Steve Hunt, Gary Husband, Jimmy Johnson: Carry On

It was an enormous pleasure to reunite with Steve and Jimmy - my lovely old bandmates from way back with Allan Holdsworth - on this lovely composition and production by Steve!
I will quote Steve's own words for the background...

"This trio, featuring Steve Hunt on Keys, Jimmy Johnson on bass and Gary Husband on drums, was the rhythm section for the guitarist extraordinaire Allan Holdsworth during the 1987 - 1991 period. These three musicians haven't played or recorded together since 1991 making this a very special reunion after 29 years. "Carry On", composed by Steve Hunt, is a dedication to the great legendary composer/guitarist Allan Holdsworth.

"You men carry on........ THEN!!"

Allan would use this phrase often when parting ways. His own way of saying goodbye. At the beginning of the video there is a photograph of the "missing man formation". A photographic metaphor to honor and salute the memory of Allan Holdsworth. Allan taking off to the heavens as the three of us 'Carry On'."

"Carry On" - Gary Husband & Jimmy Johnson with Steve Hunt