Alexandra Maiolo, Cecilia Nappo, Federico Maragoni: Black Mamba - Duck Surprise (Instrumental Hard Rock)

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If you are a Rush fan, you've to crank the volume up and listen to the latest Black Mamba instrumental release "Duck Surprise" featuring Cecilia Nappo (Bass), Alexandra Maiolo (Guitar) and Federico Maragoni (Drums)

Official Band's Website:

Cecilia Nappo is playing:
Fender Precision Bass, Avalon U5, Sansamp RBI Tech21, Fender Rumble 500

Alexandra Maiolo is playing:
Fender Stratocaster, Orange TH30

Federico Maragoni is playing:
DW Drums, Vic-Firth Drumsticks, Ludwig Supraphonic Snare, Audix Microphones

Mix & Mastering: Federico Maragoni
Video: Federico Maragoni
Assistant: Cecilia Nappo

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Black Mamba - Duck Surprise (Instrumental Hard Rock)