Gregory Bordat: Jack Gardiner Solo Contest

Hi there ! Here’s my entry to the #jackgardinersolocontest :)
I’ve recently discovered #JackGardiner and I must say that he is an incredible guitarist, somewhere between Guthrie Govan and Tom Quayle just to name a few! His brand new album #Escapades is really tasty and I recommend you to check it out, it’s really worth it!
In spite of the ridiculous warmth of my recording room (North is hot!) I tried to do my best to get the most of this beautiful solo track, I really enjoyed it! I hope you do so ;)

I’m using in this video a Carvin TL60 a #xotic SoulDriven as overdrive and #savarez electric focus strings.

Jack Gardiner Solo Contest – Gregory Bordat #jackgardinersolocontest