Lee Luland: The Shadowmancer - Guest solo

Incredible guest solo by the talented Lee Luland on the track The Shadowmancer from Forlorn World's debut Album Umbra.

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The Shadowmancer - Guest solo by Lee Luland

Forlorn World was formed in July 2019 by founding member of Bloodshot Dawn, Josh McMorran, with the intention of weaving an epic narrative plot together with music.

Forlorn World is a narrative backdrop, the story of a man forced to take a dark path, finding revenge and redemption. The epilogue of a great saga in a fictional universe, based on the world we live in and trials we all face together.

by Forlorn World

1.Moving Mountains
2.The Shadowmancer 03:29
3.Before the End
4.March into Void
6.Pillars of Eternity
releases October 13, 2020

All music and lyrics written by Josh McMorran

All Guitars, keyboard and Vocals recorded by Josh McMorran
Bass recorded by Giacomo Gastaldi
Drums programmed by Josh McMorran

Produced, mixed and recorded by Josh McMorran
Mastering and additional mixing by Jacob Hansen
Guitar and Bass edits by Wynter Prior
Bass by Jkon Audio
Additional Keyboards by Phillip Dunn
Angelo Vocals recorded by Jonah Kay

Guest vocals In order Maxwell McMorran (aged 11 months), Angelo Bonaccorso, Francesco Paoli.
Guest solos in order Alexander Brown, Lee Luland, Yo Oniytan, Morgan Reid, Syndrone, John Nicholson and Giacomo Gastaldi.

Album cover by Applewhite Art
Layout by Joël Martins (Titanforged Productions)
Logo by Toby Koelman
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