Martin J. Andersen: "In A Blue Funk"

Martin J. Andersen - "In A Blue Funk" (Promo Video)
Filmed & Directed by Marco & Lena Angioni at "Death Island Studio" (Denmark)

"In A Blue Funk" is from the "Victory In Motion" disc released by Grooveyard Records.
An indie label dedicated to Keeping the Rock Alive. For more info and to purchase
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Martin J. Andersen - "Victory In Motion" (Grooveyard Records)

Awesome second solo studio disc by this outstanding modern day guitar hero
from Denmark featuring 10 songs of supreme, impressive, blues-based, heavy
lead guitar dominated, bad-ass, six string riffage that lands killer beyond belief.
Speaking the musical language of the guitar greats and flying close to the sun,
we thought it was high time that Martin J. Andersen land with creative strength
& power on his first all instrumental guitar effort entitled "Victory In Motion."

Martin J. Andersen is an impressive, prolific, kick-ass, riff:master, axeripper who
is the bright new hope for keeping authentic heavy guitar rock mojo alive in a world
gone mad. MJA is best known for his excellent, superb musical talents landing as
the guitarist & vocalist + front man of Blindstone, a way-kool, blues-based, heavy
guitar rock power trio who have released a total of 9 mega-awesome discs to date.
Riff:Master Andersen has also recorded and/or gigged with the likes of Meridian,
Mountain Of Power, Blindside Blues Band, Mike Onesko's Guitar Army, David Reece,
Kuko de Kobra, Legend (US), George Clinton & P-Funk Allstars & Dwayne Cornelius
+ DCat & Da Bomb. All part of MJA's expansive "musical journey" that has led to
Andersen creating & producing the superb "Victory In Motion" disc, an essential
heavy guitar rocker released by Grooveyard Records that is Highly recommended
to fans of serious, world-class, blues-based, guitar-fueled rock music inspired by
the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Marino, Robin Trower, Leslie West, Eric Gales,
Lance Lopez, Joe Satriani and to fans of all the many excellent previous discs
and musical output by Martin J. Andersen who lands & reigns triumphant
with powerful tour de force guitar rock talent on "Victory In Motion."

Martin J. Andersen - "In A Blue Funk"