John Hahn: Thrill of the Chase - from the excellent new album

Thrill of the Chase is a high energy song with many facets; from shredding verses, to 'hooky' melodic choruses, to unexpected twists like the heavy/funky breakdown, "airy" half-time melodic solo section, a quick acoustic interlude...then back to crankin' again!!

Over these many years through my musical journey - playing, touring (estimated over 1600 shows), writing and recording, I have had the pleasure of meeting and making friends with so many people and have shared a lifetime of incredible memories! Guitar is my passion, and this new release is a snapshot of where I am at this point in time as a player and writer. It is my hope that as my style evolves, current friends and fans will enjoy the material as well as introducing a new audience to my music. I feel as though I have captured my best writing and playing in this release. Please spread the word…for many, my music is still an “Undiscovered World”.

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John Hahn - Thrill of the Chase (Official Music Video)