Maru Martinez, Anna Sentina: Moonlighter + Lemon Milk

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Thank you to everyone who listened, streamed, purchased or shared my new single so far ❤️

In this playthrough the live guitar is on the left side, the right is the guitar from the release. I promise I'm enjoying myself despite my serious face lol, i was trying really hard not to mess up (which i did a lot, btw).

Thank you to Anup Sastry for filming and recording this playthrough.


Gracias a todos lo que escucharon, compraron o compartieron mi nuevo single! La verdad me significa mucho 🙏

En este playthrough, la guitarra del video esta en el lado izquierdo, en el lado derecha esta la guitarra de la grabacion original. Les prometo que me estoy divirtiendo a pesar de mi expresion! Estaba tratando de tocar bien sin errores (de todas maneras la cague bastante jaja).

Moonlighter released February 19, 2021
Written, recorded and produced by Maru Martinez
Drums written and mixed by @asdrummer2008​ with RS Drums Enso
Bass guest spot by @Anna Sentina​
Mixed by Maru Martinez
Mastered by Anup Sastry

Moonlighter - Guitar Playthrough - Maru Martinez

Lemon Milk - Maru Martinez x Anna Sentina