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Sup, as always, apologies for the amount of time between videos. In an ideal world I'd just write songs all the time and make videos (or have someone who actually knows how to make videos do them for me...) but alas, life has other plans so sometimes this channel gets neglected.
Anyway here's a new song. I always try to use interesting chords/harmony when writing, technical ability is good and all but gets boring quickly, fun to watch, but not great to listen to after a while. So hopefully I achieved that here, definitely pulled from some more Jazz influences here (I'm also terrible at Jazz, sorry to those of you who actually know what you're doing).
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Recording Set Up:
Fender Stratocaster (Seymour Duncan Pickups)
Kemper Profiler
Pro Tools
Superior Drummer 3
Asus x556uqk Laptop
Google Pixel
Photogeeks Softbox lights
Davinci Resolve

Supernova - Jake Faun