Helena Nagagata: Dream Theater - THE ALIEN intro (guitar cover)

Hi guys! I know it's been a while but I'm super excited to say I'm back working on guitar videos, collabs and covers! It's amazing how you guys kept this channel growing so thanks for sticking around ūüėĀ After "The Alien" won Best Metal Performance at the last Grammy Awards, I knew I had to get back on my guitar videos starting with this one.
In the words of the great John Petrucci: "Stay true to your art, prog is alive and well" :)

On a side note, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY ūü•≥ūüéą so give this video a like and subscribe if you haven't already ;)

The Alien (A View from the Top of the World, 2021) by Dream Theater
Guitar cover mixed and edited by Helena Nagagata
Helena Nagagata proudly uses NIG strings, GNI pedals and Palhetas Rafive
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Dream Theater - THE ALIEN intro (guitar cover)