Maru Martinez: Calma - Guitar playthrough

Hi, this is a guitar playthrough for my new song "Calma" out today!
You can stream it here: Thank you to everyone who has streamed, purchased or shared this song so far! ❤️ I had the pleasure of working with my very talented friend @Jessica Burdeaux , who wrote killer drum parts for this song.

Some of you may have heard this riff before on previous videos, this is an idea that i wrote back in 2018 and i just now got around to finally finish producing/mixing it for a release. For some reason, i got stuck on this song a lot and found it hard to finish, i considered not releasing at all it since i feel like my writing style hast changed a lot since, but i wanted to honor the process and the people i collaborated with, so i'm happy it's finally out and i hope you'll like it :)

In this playthrough, I tracked the live guitar straight through my Axe FX, and mixed in the live guitar track over top of the original song mix. The Orange cab isn't mic'ed because i'm just using it for room sound so i could sync up camera audio, i'm using IEMs by @Ultimate Ears Pro for monitoring.

Special thank you to Jessica Burdeaux, Carolina Lopez Corominas for the amazing artwork, and my husband Anup for filming this video and for the endless mix feedback and tips as i attempted to finish this song. Huge thank you to all my patrons for supporting my music on

Calma - Maru Martinez - Guitar playthrough

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