Tosin Abasi, Ivan Chopik: react to the Pathos contest winners

My Choice:
3:02   1 Francois Chanvallon,
12:43 2 Liam Garcia,
08:00 3 Fardin Faiyaz

Ironically, Abasi and Chopik would pick Mateus Schaffer. My view is that Mateus Schaffer is as they say, what a producer would pick, less is more. I come from the school of more is more. I'd like to hear Liam on a baritone guitar.
Abasi Concepts
Let me know who you would pick in the commments

0:18 Filip Tantareanu 
1:18 Ricky Valentino 
3:02 Hussain Haddad 
4:36 Zilio Alessandro 
06:03 Francois Chanvallon 
08:00 Fardin Faiyaz 
09:39 Andrew Barock 
11:17 Wojtek Kalinski 
12:43 Liam Garcia 
14:26 Marcin Momot 
15:44 Mateus Schaffer

Tosin Abasi + Ivan Chopik react to the Pathos contest winners