Derryl Gabel,Chad Wackerman, Jimmy Johnson: Believe - Tribute to Allan Holdsworth This is an all original tune composed and recorded by me which features Jimmy Johnson on Bass and Chad Wackerman on drums and myself on guitars. I used Fractal Audio's Axe Fx 3 for the lead sound and Ikmultimedia's Amplitube 5 Max and Tone X for the Chord Melody. This is my own mix. Sometime later I'll upload a mix by Robert Fiest who has mixed for Allan in the past but for now you can hear this version.
Here's another version with a different solo

• Believe - Tribute...
I would like to give a special thanks to my students who funded the recording of this project. They are ( in no specific order )
John Alvino
Mark Chisam
Raj Swaminathan
Ad Winters
Paul Botta
Steve Beaupre
Rich Dupre
Danny Phillips
Glenn Lysack
Levent Durmus
Eric Paulos
Jonathan Bell
Dennis Greene
Curt Marano
Andrew Bourne
Joe Gareri
Alton Shairson
Reto Byell
Richard Jorgenson
Ted Pileggi

Believe - Tribute to Allan Holdsworth ( Chad Wackerman, Jimmy Johnson ) Alternate Take